5.31.24 Passages Books, with Joanna Fuhrman, Jen Coleman & Jesse Morse, Portland, OR, 7PM

    5.11.24 CAM, with Bill Carty and Rob Schlegel, Seattle, 7PM

    3.15.24 Open Poetry Books, with Sarah Rosenthal, Sarah Chavez and Valerie Witte, Seattle, 7 PM

    4.10.23 Wave Books Marathon, AWP offsite, Seattle, 6-10 PM

    4.9.23 Margin Shift: A Night of Poetry and Ritual, Seattle Theosophical Library, 7:30 PM

    5.7.22 Segue with Toni Simon, NYC, 11 Cortlandt Alley & Online, 5 PM EST

    3.11.22 (Zoom) Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. With Don Mee Choi & E. Tracy Grinnell, 12-1 AM (pst)

    3.10.22 (Zoom) Adam Mickiewicz University. Poznan. Poland. With Don Mee Choi & E. Tracy Grinnell, 8:30–10:00 AM (pst)

    3.9.22 (Zoom)Fabryka Rownosci(Equality Factory)Lodz, Poland. With E. Tracy Grinnell, 9:00–10:30 AM (pst)

    3.9.22 (Zoom) University of Lodz, Poland. With Don Mee Choi & E. Tracy Grinnell, 2:45–4:15 AM (pacific)

    2.17.22 (Zoom) Margin Shift, Seattle, With Dot Devota, Brandon Shimoda, Hilary Leftwich, and Kim Koga

    2.10.22 (Zoom) University of Oklahoma, Mark Allen Everett Reading Series, 5PM Pacific. Register here for Zoom link

    11.23.21 (Virtual) Fordham University Class Visit

    11.6.21 (Zoom) Book Party with Stephanie Schlaifer Ellis at Elliott Bay Books! 5pm (Pacific) Tickets

    10.5.21, Pub date for Her Wilderness Will Be Her Manners!

    9.29.21 Death Rattle Reading in celebration of WarmMilk Issue 3

    3.17.19 Open Books with Geneva Chao, Wendy Chin-Tanner, and Jane Wong. Seattle, WA, 4:30pm

    10.30.2018 Ottawa International Writers Festival, with Gil McElroy and Sandra Ridley, 414 Sparks Street, Ottawa, 7:00 PM
    Ottawa Writers Festival

    1.14.17 Satellite Reading Series, Bentley's House of Coffee & Tea
    1730 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, Arizona. 7:00 PM

    11.29.16 Open Books, with Sarah Riggs. Seattle. 7:30 PM

    11.5.16 Spare Room Reading with Jennifer Kronovet, Dao Strom, Valerie Witt, Sarah Rosenthal, & Amaranth Borsuk. Passages Bookshop, Portland, OR. 7:00 PM

    11.3.16 Kore Press Sisters + Action Books Sisters + Ecco + Chax. With the fabulous Amaranth Borsuk, Don Mee Choi, Jane Wong, Jennifer Kronovet, and Sarah Rosenthal. Elliott Bay Books, Seattle, WA 7:00 PM

    7.21.16 Poetry Picnic with Don Mee Choi, Melanie Noel & Rob Schlegel
    Moran Prairie Library, Spokane, WA. 7:00 PM

    5.21.16 BOOK LAUNCH and signing for Giraffes of Devotion and Amaranth Borsuk's Pomegrante Eaters both from Kore Press. 4-6 PM, Open Poetry Books, Seattle, WA.

    5.15.16 INCA: With Talena Lachelle Queen & Danielle Vogel. 7PM (readings start at 7:30), INCA, 2 West Roy Street, Seattle, WA

    4.1.16 AWP Offsite, KORE Books, 5:30 PM, Los Angeles, LAHotel

    3.31.16 AWP Offsite with Black Radish Books, Tinfish, eohippus labs, and Staging Ground. Featuring Carrie Hunter, Sarah Mangold, Valerie Witte, David James Miller, Brittany Billmeyer-Finn, Eireene Nealand, Janice Lee, Michelle Detorie, Allison Carter, Tim Dyke, Deborah Meadows, Julia Wieting, Daniel Tiffany and Will Alexander! 7:00-8:45PM, Poetic Research Bureau, 951 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA

    12.9.15 Last Lines: A collaborative poem celebrating City Council member Nick Licata's Words' Worth Poetry Series (1998-2015). Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave., 2 PM

    10.2.15 UW Bothell MFA Fall Convergence, with Amaranth Borsuk, & Doug Nufer, 4:30 PM, UW Bothell. Full Convergence Schedule

    9.25.15 If Not For Kidnap, With Joanna Fuhrman, Meghan Hawkins, & Damien-Aia Marassa, 7:30 PM, 1905 NE Going Street, Portland, OR

    9.24.15 Margin Shift, with Joanna Fuhrman & KMA Sullivan, 7 PM, Common AREA Maintenance, Seattle, WA

    8.22.15 John Oates House Reading Series, with Lindsey Boldt, Allison Cobb & Michael Sikkema, San Francisco, CA

    6.27.15 Spare Room, with Michael Friedman & Jeff Alessandrelli. 7PM,
    Mother Foucault's Bookshop, 523 SE Morrison, Portland, OR

    6.01.15 Evergreen State College, with Jen Coleman. 7PM, SEM 11 E1105, Olympia, WA

    4.26.15 Elliott Bay Books with Donna Stonecipher, 3 PM, Seattle, WA

    3.21.15 BOOK LAUNCH PARTY for Electrical Theories of Femininity, with DJ DBL JNTD, Gallery 1412, Seattle

    Margin Shift with Laura Neuman & Gregory Laynor
    Seattle, WA July 2013

    West Meets West
    Vancouver, BC, March 2012

    MLA Offsite Reading
    Seattle, WA, January 2012

    Richard Hugo House
    Seattle, WA, January 2012

    Hedreen Gallery House Systems
    Seattle, WA, August 2011

    Pilot Books
    Seattle, WA, March and August 2010

    Columbia City Book Festival
    Seattle, WA, October 2009

    The Poetry Project
    New York, NY, April 2009

    Spare Room
    Portland, OR, June 2008

    Evergreen College
    Olympia, WA, January 2008

    Elliott Bay Books
    Seattle, WA. March 2007

    Wave Poetry Bus Tour
    Seattle, WA, September 2006

    Seattle,WA, April 2006

    Spare Room
    Portland, OR, August 2005

    Leg to Stand On
    Seattle, WA, June 2005

    Portland, OR, June 2005

    The Projects Reading Series
    Seattle, WA, July 2004

    Poetry Center 50/50 Festival
    San Francisco, CA, April 2004

    Wordsworth Books
    Boston, MA, September 2003

    Seattle Arts Commission Award Reading
    Seattle, WA, June 2003

    Seattle, WA, June 2003

    Village Books
    Bellingham, WA, February 2003

    Open Books
    Seattle, WA, January 2003

    Spare Room
    Portland, OR, September 2002

    Elliott Bay Books
    Seattle, WA, May 2002

    Small Press Traffic
    San Francisco, CA, May 2002

    Lit City, AWP Offsite
    New Orleans, LA, March 2002

    Open Books
    Seattle, WA, September 2001

    Seattle, WA, August 2000

    The Attic Club
    San Francisco, CA, March 1999

    San Francisco State University Poetry Center
    San Francisco, CA, December 1998